Huawei Honor 6 Plus + Bluetooth keyborad REUDO RBK-2000BT3

I paired my cell phone, - Honor 6 Plus to my Bluetooth keyboard, the REUDO RBK-2000BT3, today!
The pairing went very easy. After my Honor 6 Plus connected to the RBK-2000BT3, then I just typed in the default passcode (pincode) [0][0][0][0], and pushed the [enter] key. Just that! Just that! But at first I wasn't able to find the passcode.
I originally bought the RBK-2000BT3 Bluetooth keyboard for my iPod touch(4th generation). It is a really good Bluetooth keyboard. It's easy to take with you, small, light and can be folded to save space during storage. So I wondered if I would be able to use this RBK-2000BT3 as a Bluetooth keyboard for my new Android cell phone, - Honor 6 Plus.
When I paired it to my iPod touch, it showed me a specific pincode, so I didn't need to think about a passcode or a pincode. I just typed in the code that my iPod touch showed me. But this time it didn't work that way. It was unresponsive! Nothing happened! Wow! Where is my passkey? The manual that I have was old, though, so I didn't know if this RBK-2000BT3 was compatible with Android 4.4 or newer. Anyway I had to get a new manual for this Bluetooth keyboard. I looked for a new manual on the Internet, then I found out some different ways to Bluetooth devices to cell phones or other things by typing in the default passcode... And these passcodes were either 0000 or 1234. So, I typed in the numbers and hit enter key. Oh! I got them paired! After I succeeded, I found a new manual that could be downloaded from the Internet (→pdf file from REUDO company). Oh well... Anyway I've got it! I am still able to continue using this Bluetooth keyboard - RBK-2000BT3.

I would also like to write about my Honor 6 Plus someday. It is a good cell phone with the dual rear-facing camera.
There are so many interesting functions and fun to take photos.
You can see some of pictures here, →Arcadian Fantasy.

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